Being ready for disasters.

The Cairns region is a beautiful, tropical area that is vulnerable to natural disasters.

Cairns FM 89.1 helps support our communities with information about preparing for, responding to and recovering from natural disasters.   We provide tips, emergency broadcast information and broadcast support services for culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Cairns FM 89.1 works directly with the Cairns Disaster Management Unit to ensure accurate, timely information.

Natural disasters can include:

  • an earthquake
  • a landslide
  • a wildfire
  • a tsunami
  • a cyclone and storm surge
  • floods


Would you know what to do if these happened in Cairns ?
Do you have an emergency plan for your household ?

Follow the steps below to prepare your family and house. It is a good idea to select one date every year (eg 1st October) to go through your planning and preparations. We often don’t get much notice if a disaster is about to strike, so it is important to be prepared at all times.


Create an emergency plan for your household

Making a Plan (Cairns Council)
Household Emergency Plan (Download)


During a natural disaster or emergency

Follow instructions issued by the authorities. People in a disaster affected area may receive an emergency alert on their mobile phones which comes from a special emergency number displayed as 4444444444. If you still have internet access, the following Facebook page will keep you up to date:
The Cairns Disaster Coordination Centre Facebook Page
The Cairns Disaster Coordination Centre Twitter Account
Cairns Regional Council Twitter Account

If you still have power : All local TV stations carry emergency updates in their regular bulletins. If a life-threatening emergency develops the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) is activated and bulletins will replace or interrupt regular programming.
Tune in to Cairns FM89.1 to hear the latest information or ABC Far North.

Multicultural information : The Cairns Regional Council also has translated versions of its cyclone information leaflet